Social media as medical positioning

Mora than 110 million people use social media. On average they spend three hours and a half each day on these platforms.

Social media as medical positioning

Social networks are mass media that, if used correctly, are a great option to reach more people. In Mexico alone, more than 110 million people have access to them from their mobile devices. On average, a person spends around three and a half hours on social networks.

These media outlets have a direct impact, so investing in campaigns represents endless growth opportunities for physicians and practices. Digital tools undoubtedly optimize resources, obtaining better results in the short, medium and long term. 29% of users say they follow accounts of health professionals on social networks, of which 73% say they would like to see content on prevention on these platforms, 50% innovative treatments and 47% are interested in symptoms .

Some of the benefits of using social networks are:

  1. Leader in the medical market
  2. It will be distinguished as the best option
  3. Greater visibility
  4. Immediate connection with patients
  5. Professional image
  6. will be referred quickly
  7. New patients constantly
  8. Development of personal brand

In Mexico the most social media platforms used and with the highest percentage of users are:

  1. WhatsApp 94.3%
  2. Facebook 93.4%
  3. Instagram 79.1%
  4. TikTok  70.4%
  5. Twitter  56%

An emerging platform that has caused great fury and traffic is TikTok, which through short videos manages to capture the immediate attentionusers. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, medical marketing on this platform has had great engagement in which it seeks to share useful and valuable content. For this reason, the optimal use and management of social networks to achieve a position in the medical market is a must.

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